The Ride the 1965 Ride is an initiative of the Class of ’65 old boys from Queen’s College in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The objective is to raise funds for bursaries for deserving learners to receive a quality education.

This is an annual cycle tour from to Queenstown, spanning some 850km over 9 days.

All cyclists are encouraged to raise a minimum sponsorship amount of R30 000 and the money raised goes towards a bursary fund for deserving students who wish to board at Queen’s College. They raise this through corporate donations, and by asking family and friends to join them on their journey by sponsoring an amount per km cycled.

For further information, sponsorship opportunities or to sign up for the Ride, please contact: Tony on tony@siroccostrategy.com

For those of you who prefer walking to cycling, or who who can’t take as much time off work but still want to be involved, we have “Walk the Walk” – a five day, 101km walking tour of Queenstown and the surrounding countryside.

Dates: Sunday 6 to Thursday 10 April 2014

Email Alasdair on mac@mactax.co.za for more info.

On Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 April, 15 cyclists will leave East London and ride to Queenstown, to meet up with the 1965Riders coming from Johannesburg. For further info, contact Mike Boy on deputy@queenscollege.co.za


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